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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Keep Your Pool Ready for Every Season

mountain view swimming pool
A pool can be a tremendous asset to your property. A well-maintained pool can be defining for your lifestyle and property value.
No matter its size, your pool is complicated. If you want it to remain valuable to you and your loved ones, you’ll need to provide it with accurate and consistent maintenance. Hire Timberline Pool & Spas Inc. to provide the very top-of-the-line services that your pool needs to retain its beauty for years to come.

Stay on Top of Chemical-Balancing Needs

You might not realize it, but your pool requires a delicate balance of acidity in order to be comfortable to swim in. This also affects the health and condition of pool equipment. Chemical balancing can be tricky, but we can make the process much easier for you.

Protect Your Pool During Freezing Weather

Winterizing your pool will go a long way toward preserving it for future summers. Winters can severely damage your pool if certain precautions aren’t taken. Our team can help you regulate your water balance and prepare your equipment for winter storage.

Filters and Pumps Make a Happy Pool

Most of these balancing processes require healthy filters and pumps. Filters keep unwanted substances from getting into your pool. Pumps make sure clean water is constantly cycling into the mix. Keep these in good condition for the best possible results.

Your Pool Will Be Ready for You

Since 2003, Timberline Pool & Spas Inc. has provided Reno and surrounding communities with the best pool maintenance and products on the market. We’ve crafted and serviced pools of every conceivable configuration. We know that we can assist you with your own pool, no matter its size or scope.
Call us for your next round of pool maintenance. We’ll make the difference that you can see.

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