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Custom Pool Services in Reno, Nevada

Damonte Harvest Apartments
Timberline Pools & Spas Inc. is not your typical pool contractor. We are financially secure, locally owned, and owner operated. Timberline Pools & Spas Inc. offers you a complete package of pool design, construction, repair, and remodeling services in Reno Sparks and Carson City. We design it, arrange financing for it, supervise it, and build it all in a timely manner. We cover all expenses with you up front and guarantee it with our 'No-Fault Price Guarantee'.
First and foremost, Timberline Pools & Spas Inc. will not compromise on quality; we earn your business with a fair price. Other contributing factors include our unparalleled financial security, our ability to build pools in a timely manner and our commitment to client satisfaction.
As your pool contractor, we are committed to excellence in all we do. From our workmanship to customer service, you can count on us to provide you with respect and quality craftsmanship. We understand that your backyard can be your sanctuary, and we want to work to make it as wonderful as possible.
Our staff can design, build, or remodel a variety of pool styles and sizes. Our pools will fit in with the environment and surroundings so that they look natural and appealing. From start to finish, we will oversee and complete the process while keeping you informed each step of the way.

Pool Services Steps:

  1. Designing the Pool – Once we have worked with you to design the pool, our staff will file for the necessary permits to begin construction.
  2. Layout and Excavation Work – Using your approved plans, we will excavate your yard and begin the construction process.
  3. Installing Plumbing, Steel, and Gas – We will install steel along the bottom and side of your pool for support purposes. The plumbing for your filtration will be installed as well as any electrical wires or gas pipes that are needed.
  4. Gunite (Concrete) Application – Next, we will apply the concrete mixture or gunite.
  5. Masonry Work – Any masonry or stone work for pool tile and decoration are completed.
  6. Decking Installed – Any decking that's needed will be constructed.
  7. Equipment Installation and Set Up – We will install all equipment, test it, and prepare your pool for you. Before we complete the project, our staff will instruct you on the proper care of the pool and on equipment operation.

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