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Indoor Pool Services in Reno, Nevada

Beat the Weather With Our Help

Sherman Indoor Pool
You make a huge investment in designing and building a pool, but you can only use it a few months out of the year. That’s not a very good return on your investment, and you know it.
Instead of settling for the major inconvenience of having to shut down your pool and reopen it again year after year, consider the alternative solution. Your pool can be open all year long if it’s located indoors. With the help of Timberline Pool & Spas Inc., this possibility has never been more feasible. Work with our design and contracting team to determine if this is the right choice for your home.

Efficient Contracting Services

Our experience in this industry has taught us that the biggest factor in any project is the quality of the contracting involved. That’s why our family-owned and -operated business dedicates its resources to providing your project with the service it deserves.
We all know the difference between shoddy work and superior quality. Don’t settle for less. We do more than help you purchase the right plan for your property; we’ll help you install it and bring your design and vision to fruition. Our team knows that you appreciate this difference in quality, and we will do our utmost to secure the right outcome for your property, no matter how long it takes us.

Designed for Your Convenience

When you consider an indoor pool, you’re going to want to consider a number of factors. This pool needs to be architecturally situated to complement the rest of your home and be an asset, not an inconvenience. You’re going to need a revamp of your HVAC system. Finally, you need to consider environmental factors such as runoff, the water table, lighting and ventilation.
All of that may sound like a lot to take in. Fortunately, we’ve been doing this since 2003. We know how to give your particular home the pool design that will work best for its specific needs.

Swim When You Want To

Your properly designed, installed indoor pool will serve your recreational needs all year long. Swim in relaxation when you want to with our assistance.
Consult with Timberline Pool & Spas Inc. for your next pool-building project. You might consider an indoor pool as a possible solution for your property. With our help, it will work better than you could have anticipated.

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