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Indoor Pool Services in Reno, Nevada

Designing With Satisfaction in Mind

Custom Pools & Spas
One of the biggest perks of having a piece of property is the ability to do with it as you please. It’s a beautiful canvas to work with. Whether you’re throwing together a garden or putting together a rocky turf, your backyard is yours to be creative with.
At Timberline Pool & Spas Inc., we recognize first and foremost the homeowner’s desire to make their landscape absolutely their own. To that end, we offer a wide variety of design services so that whatever your vision is for your landscape, your pool will contribute to it. We aim to do more than please; we accomplish your vision, no matter what.

Make Your Pool Your Absolute Own

A pool can be much more than just a swimming hole. It can be a functional renovation to the entire experience of being in your backyard. Whether you want a waterfall that pours into your lagoon or a waterslide and diving board, your pool can be designed to cater to any and all requests.
Since 2003, our team has helped residents and property owners of northern Nevada and California find the swimming pool solutions that are right for them. We know that we can do the same for you.

Catering to Your Property’s Needs

Each home and backyard has different needs. Whether it’s a different water table, a sloping lawn, plumbing concerns or environmental factors, we can craft your swimming pool so that it works for you.
Don’t settle for standard models or automated processes. We can craft a pool that works for your specific needs while taking all of these different factors into account. You won’t find a list of models to choose from. Instead, rely on our experience and expertise as we compile your needs and vision into a project that is yours and yours alone.

Secure Your Reputation Today

You want your pool to be the talk of the neighborhood. You want it to be a hub where you can enjoy yourself, get in some recreational activity and be social at the same time. You want a refuge. You want a party venue. You want all of that and more.
When you work with Timberline Pool & Spas Inc., you get what you want. Consult with us today so that your swimming pool becomes a landmark for your reputation in your community. We look forward to hearing from you.