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Commercial Pool Services in Reno, Nevada

Making Your Vision Come True

Glenshire Recreation Pool
It’s no secret that a pool is a beautiful way to accentuate a community.
Everyone loves an accessible swimming pool. Whether it’s for public recreation or profitable services, your pool doesn’t have to be just another swimming hole. With the help of Timberline Pool & Spas Inc., your pool can be the central hub of recreation in your town. It can bring the entire town together in ways that no other public attraction can.
Make your vision come true with our assistance. We know that our extensive experience can make the difference for you.

Maintain Your Design From Start to Finish

We are not your typical pool contractor. Whereas others might begin with a basic line of models and then accentuate from there, we go the extra mile to provide your project with the greatest degree of flexibility and individuality possible.
We know that you appreciate it when people take your vision seriously. To that end, you can rest assured that all of your results will stem directly from your design choices. We’ll help you design it, arrange your finances for your plan, and construct it from the ground up. We’re committed to excellence in everything we do, from initial stages to final polishes.

Budgeted and Balanced on Your Terms

Pools can be expensive investments. We recognize the depth of your financial concerns, and so we hold ourselves to the highest of standards in project management.
Whatever the scope of your project, we will hold ourselves to the schedule you give to us and accomplish it within the budget we arrange at the outset. Finally, we will accomplish your goals to your utter satisfaction. We don’t accept anything less.

Make Your Pool an Experience to Cherish

Don’t just install a pool on your property. Anyone can do that.
Instead, craft a fantastic experience that will leave your visitors coming back for more. We’ll work hard to integrate your pool into its environs and surroundings, making it natural and appealing. No matter what your property looks like or what you envision for your pool, we will make it work exactly as you desire.
Consult with us for your next commercial pool project. We’re excited to hear from you.

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