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3 Swimming Pool Issues That Warrant a Professional Contractor

Swimming Pool
If you're the owner of a residential swimming pool, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the common issues you could be facing down the road. In addition to routine maintenance, you may eventually need the services of a swimming pool repair company or contractor to restore your pool or replace a component.
This blog lists three issues that will probably require a professional swimming pool contractor.

1. Your In-Ground Swimming Pool Has Developed a Leak

Considering your in-ground swimming pool contains thousands of gallons of water, you do not want to ignore the possibility of a leak. However, because of the high volume of water your pool contains, it's not always easy to determine if there is a leak. If you notice the level of water is consistently decreasing, or water seems to be pooling around the exterior, you need to determine the cause.
In some cases, the concrete inside an in-ground swimming pool becomes cracked, leading to a leak. If this has occurred, then it is imperative to have the crack or cracks repaired before it becomes more widespread. Failure to do so may result in extensive repair work.
The best way to determine a leak is by enlisting the services of a professional. Your repair technician will utilize high-tech instruments and electronic listening devices to detect leaks caused by cracks in the interior and exterior of your swimming pool.
If there are no cracks in the concrete of the pool, the technician will most likely check the filter and pumps to see if they have become damaged or torn. If so, this is a simple fix. If the pump or filter needs repair or replacement, it will not be as costly as repairing cracks in the pool. Another common problem is a torn pool liner, and this also is a quick fix by simply replacing the liner.
Although it is not very common, sometimes a tree root may displace the plumbing of a swimming pool or even uplift the swimming pool wall. This may lead to a serious leak, and having the tree limbs and roots removed will be necessary.

2. Your Pool Has Become Discolored After Several Years

Have the interior walls or floor of your in-ground swimming pool become noticeably discolored? This may occur after a period of time, due to natural aging or environmental conditions. Even metals and minerals in the pool water may cause staining on the interior walls and floor. For whatever the reason, it may be time to resurface your swimming pool and restore its original luster and beauty.
Why waste time and energy and resort to guesswork by tackling this job yourself? Rather than trying to remove deep rust stains or discoloration yourself with store-bought products, it's a good idea to call in an expert. Your professional swimming pool contractor has the expertise to rid your pool of stains, no matter how extensive or deep they may be.

3. Plaster Coating Has Become Chipped, Causing a Condition Known as Spalling

When the plaster coating of a swimming pool seems to be chipping, flaking, or peeling away, the swimming pool experts refer to this condition as spalling. Swimming pool chemicals or hot weather conditions commonly cause spalling. Spalling is not so much a structural problem that may result in damage, as it is more of an aesthetic issue.
You might want to have a pool contractor check out the issue. If it is severe enough, and your pool is several years old, a re-plaster job may be in order. The swimming pool will first need to be entirely drained before the work can be done. Your contractor will apply a fresh coat of plaster after removing the damaged one.
As a final tip, don't wait until you notice an issue or damage to your swimming pool. Contact a swimming pool contractor, like the experts at Timberline Pools & Spas Inc. to schedule routine pool management services. When it comes to your investment, prevention is your best course of action.